Sexuality is evaluated under two topics. Desire for the opposite sex and erection of the male organ.

What is Sexual Desire?

        Sexual desire is controlled by testosterone (male hormone) that is secreted by the male testes. And this is regulated by the pituitary gland in the brand. Problems in sexual desire occur due to disorders in the testes and said gland in the brain.

How Does Penis Become Erect?

Penis Nasıl Sertleşir

  • Erection begins in the brain.
  • Sensations of seeing, smelling, feeling, hearing and thinking stimulate the nervous system and send a message to the blood vessels of the penis.
  • Arteries expand and blood is pumped inside the penis.
  • Veins are closed.
  • Blood is trapped inside the penis, as it cannot return.
  • The penis becomes erect and larger.

        As seen in the adjacent picture, erection of the penis is achieved by pumping blood into two adjacent spongy cylinder bars and trapping blood therein. The pressure inside an erect penis equals to the power for pushing water 17 meters upwards. Erection begins with the intermediation of chemicals in the brain that are created by sensations such as touching, seeing, odor and imagination. These chemicals stimulate the nerve and blood vessel networks that go to the penis. Blood is pumped inside the penis. The blood is trapped therein. The male organ becomes erect. The blood trapped inside the penis discharged when sexual stimulus disappears and erection ends.

Why Doesn’t Penis Become Erect?

        Today, the mechanism of male sexuality has been entirely solved and steps of treatment have been identified. On the other hand, female sexuality has many secrets despite intense studies. During penile erection, it is mandatory that the nerve conduction paths and blood vessels arriving to the penis preserve their integrity. In the past, one considered 90 of erectile problems to be of psychological reasons and therefore no treatments were applied. Later studies have shown that 90 percent of erectile problems are associated with organic causes. Many of these can be treated. The basis for treating impotence is the underlying cause. Disorders in nervous conduct and blood build-up should be corrected. Diseases and surgeries that cause disorders in hormones, nervous conduct and blood vessel system cause erection dysfunction. Agedness, smoking, obesity, diabetes, hypertension, physical inaction, some drugs, shape disorders in the penis, disease therein, surgeries on the prostate and the bladder are the main causes of impotence. Despite all these, impotence treatment doesn’t change and implemented under three main topics.

How is Erection Problems Treated?

        3 methods are used for treating it depending on the degree of erection problem. These methods have a high rate of success. Apart from these 3 proven ones, methods such as the application of vacuum tools to the penis and externally administering ultrasound waves at low dosages don’t have a wide scope of use. The American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) doesn’t accept stem cell treatment (PRP) and ESWT (Micro Shockwave Treatment). The main treatment in evidenced-medicine is the 3-step treatment.

Drug Treatment in Penile Erection

        Drug Treatment: Drugs that suppress the PDE5 enzyme are used. These drugs are divided in two groups which are short-acting and long-acting ones. Short-acting ones are effective for 3-5 hours. They are taken before sexual intercourse. Long-acting ones are effective for 24-36 hours. When long-acting drugs are used, the penis can become erect many times within 24-36 hours whenever sexual stimulus occurs. Contrary to the general belief, these drugs don’t have serious side effects. They can be used safely. Patients generally think that these drugs are inefficient, but this is usually due to wrong use (dosage and time). But this is a very effective treatment method if the dosage and time of these drugs are adjusted under physician supervision.

        These miraculous drugs increase blood flow to the penis and therefore provide erection. Sexual stimulants such as seeing, seeing and imagination are always needed for facilitating erection. Drug treatment is the most successful method in impotence. In addition, other drug combinations are implemented for increasing the efficiency of drug treatment.

Needle Treatment for Penis Erection

Penis Sertleşmesi İğne Tedavisi         Under doctor control, the patient is taught to inject vein-expanding drugs inside two pcs spongy objects inside the penis, which are called corpus cavernosum. And the patient personally applies this prior to sexual intercourse. It has no side effects. It is similar to using insulin shot. It is easy to learn. If erection doesn’t disappear within 2-3 hours, it will be terminated under doctor control.

Penile Prosthesis Surgery (Penile Implant)

Penil Protez         This penis has no further reserves (erecting tissue) in the spongy objects. It shouldn’t be performed in patients that respond to drug treatment. It is an efficient method. Penile implant (penile prosthesis) consists of 3 parts: the section consisting of two pcs cylindrical parts that imitate the bars erecting the penis, a pump and a reservoir (storage). The patient presses the button that placed inside the scrotum (testis sac). The liquid from the 50-60 cm reservoir, which is placed inside the abdomen during erectile dysfunction surgery, is pumped into two pcs bars that are placed within the penis during the same procedure and penile erection is therefore obtained. One presses the pump again and ends erection at the conclusion of sexual intercourse. It is a conclusive solution for impotence. Installation of penile prosthesis is a precise and sensitive procedure. It requires experience. Please click here for more information about Penile Prosthesis surgery.

ESWT (Ultrasonic Shockwave) Treatment

        A recently emerged procedure, which is remotely Sending low dosage ultrasonic shockwaves to the penis, is based on the assumption that it causes renewal in the penis tissue. It is applied on the patient during multiple sessions. Treatment can last for 1-2 months. Even positive results are obtained in some cases, wellbeing doesn’t exceed 3 months. It generally results in partial rehabilitation due to the psychological rehabilitation, which we call placebo effect. The American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) doesn’t accept ESWT (Micro Shockwave Treatment). The main treatment in evidenced-medicine is the 3-step treatment.