What is Late Ejaculation?

        In late ejaculation, the person has normal erection but discharges his sperms very late even during a sexual intercourse with a long duration. In case of late ejaculation, inability to ejaculate may occur even 30-40 minutes after sexual intercourse. This inability to ejaculate is handled under the topic of late ejaculation.

Causes of Late Ejaculation

        Ejaculation occurs when the chemicals secreted by the brain impact the nerves and trigger ejaculation reflex in the penis. As late ejaculation may result from psychological reasons, disruption in this reflex may also cause it. Disruption of the ejaculation reflex;

  • Use of alcohol and narcotics;
  • Drugs used for other Parkinson’s disease;
  • Antidepressants;
  • Allergy drugs (antihistaminic);
  • Diabetes;
  • Low level of male hormone (testosterone);
  • Sensation defect in the penis after surgeries.

All these cause lead to ejaculation problem. In addition, psychological causes of late ejaculation include the suppression of sexual urge, lack of sexual drive, anger against the partner, sexual disharmony between partners (dominant partner, obsessive personality).

Treatment of Late Ejaculation

        If there is a psychological cause for late ejaculation, we try to resolve the subconscious that prevents the male from ejaculating. In order to get rid of this subconscious, the female should increase the sexual urge in man and harmony between the partners should be ensured. Male’s sexual communication with the female should be high and he should feel himself comfortable. And if erection isn’t strong and long enough, erection drugs can be prescribed after a good query.

        Treatment should be adjusted accordingly if late ejaculation owes to a reflex-related organic cause. After identifying the exact cause of late ejaculation, treatment includes halting some drugs currently used by the patient and bringing his diabetes under control. The implementation of such measures remedies the patient’s late ejaculation over time. Penis vibrators can also be used for treating late ejaculation.