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Penis Anatomy

Penis Anatomisi         Penis is the male sexual organ. The penis consist of 3 main parts, which are the penile glans, two spongy bar structures erecting the penis and the urinary channel.

Average Penis Length

        The penis reaches its final length at puberty. In full erection, the penis length is between 10-15.5 cm from its root to its edge. The average penis length in Turkey is 12.5 cm. Penis smaller than 7 cm is called “small penis”.

Why Does One Need to Enlarge Penis?

        Patients that have penis at normal length but feel the necessity to enlarge their penis due to pornographic films etcetera are called dysmorphic patients. Like obsession about small defects in other organs, sometimes the patient may be obsessed about defects in penis, which are not present in reality. The patient may want to enlarge it although it is at normal size. In such case, the patient should be informed more thoroughly and advised psychiatric consultation. He should be oriented for making a correct decision about penis enlargement. And if desired, it is possible to elongate the penis by incising the suspensory ligament.

        In patients that have congenital penis curvature (hypospadias), this curvature also leads to short penis. Generally, this type of patients that consult us have previously undergone more than 1 surgery. In these cases, the harmful tissues that were generated by the previous unsuccessful surgery are removed. As this corrects curvature, it also elongates the penis.

        The congenital concealed penis disease also results in short penis. The penis reaches its normal size when this concealment is corrected by surgery.

        After prostate cancer surgery, the anatomy of the blood vessels that feed the penis is disrupted and the penis may shrink by nearly 2 cm. This also causes loss in erection. We perform Penile Prosthesis surgery on these patients and therefore allow them to have normal sexual life. The type of Penile Prosthesis, which expands both longitudinally and transversally, brings the penis to its normal size and ends erection problem.

        The Peyronie’s Disease calcifies the spongy tissues of the penis. The penis shrinks due to this disorder. Erection loss occurs. The Penile Prosthesis, which expands both longitudinally and transversally, ensures the desired size and erection.

Penis Enlargement Methods

        There are several methods for penis enlargement. Methods such as drugs and vacuum have no medical basis for penis enlargement. Patient shouldn’t take such unreal methods serious. The most efficient method for penis enlargement is the penis enlargement surgery. And although Penis Extender elongates the penis in the long-run, it isn’t an applicable treatment method.

Drugs, Vacuum and Penis Exercises in Penis Enlargement

        Apart from penis enlargement surgery and penis extender, no other methods can enlarge the penis. Treatments such as drugs, vacuums and penis exercises only provide erection of the penis. Other than this, they no effects such as penis enlargement whatsoever. This subject is abused under the internet environment for the purpose of earning money. We specifically ask patients to be careful.

Penis Extender

​Penis Uzatıcı         The principle here is to place 2 rings at the root and glans of the penis for enlarging it. It is kept stretched between 6-8 hours a day. This treatment is continued for 6 months. At the end of the 6th month, this tool elongates the penis for 2-3 cm. But this is not an applicable treatment as using this tool is difficult. The majority of patients abandon this treatment.

Penis Enlargement Surgery

        In our technique, the penis skin is incised from the old circumcision scar and peeled until the penis root. We reach the suspensory ligament at the penis root. This ligament should be incised fully, not partially. It is beneficial to place filling material so that it doesn’t adhere again over time. If needed, excessive fats in the pubis region are also removed in order to reveal penis. The penis skin is again sutured from the circumcision scar. This hides surgical scar from outside view. Penis enlargement surgery elongates penis up to 2-4 cm.

Disadvantage of Penis Enlargement Surgery;

        Normally, the penis gets erect towards the abdomen. But as the suspensory ligament of the penis is incised during this procedure, erection occurs partially downwards. The patient should be informed in detail about the advantages and disadvantages of penis enlargement surgery.

Penis Enlargement Surgery in Fat Males;

        The concealed penis surgery is applied for elongating the penis in fat patients. A normal male organ, which is at a normal size, may become concealed due to aging and gaining weight. Concealed penis occurs due to gravity as well as the accumulation of fat around the lower abdomen and the periphery of the penis root. The penis appears in form of a button. Depending on the degree of fattiness, concealed penis can be corrected by surgery. For this purpose, the fatty tissues in the lower abdomen and in the periphery of the penis are removed together with the skin. The concealed penis is corrected and reverts to normal after the surgery. But as scar occurs while removing the fats during concealed penis surgery, this may be irritating in esthetic terms.