Penis Enlargement is examined under the topics of penis elongation and penis thickening. This article will touch upon penis thickening. Please [click here] for information about penis elongation. (

Penis Anatomy

Penis Anatomisi         Penis is the male sexual organ. The penis consist of 3 main parts, which are the penile glans, two spongy bar structures erecting the penis and the urinary channel.

What is Penis Thickening?

        The thickness of an erected penis is about 10-11.5 cm. Penis thickening is performed by tissue transfer into the penis skin. Patients want to thicken their penis usually due to psychological causes.

Penis Thickening Surgery

        The normal thickness of a fully erected penis is about 10-11.5 cm. Penis thickening operation is performed by taking a fatty tissue from the abdomen region through liposuction and injection 20-30ml under the skin with a thick needle. Fat should be distributed symmetrically to the periphery of the penis. But no fat is injected into the penis head (glans). Meaning that although fat has been symmetrical distributed in the penis, patients may dislike its appearance due to small penis head. But the 50-60 percent of this injected fat melts away and disappears within 1 year. Asymmetric fat distribution during penis thickening procedure or the asymmetric appearance that owes to the melting of fat tissues over time creates an appearance that is worse than before. For such patients operated in other centers, we remove the fat tissue and give them their original appearance. Owing to the aforesaid, thickening the penis by fat injection isn’t a preferred method.

        In our penis technique however, we remove and prepare wide, a square-shaped & stemmed dartos flap (tissue) from inside of the scrotum (testis sac). We wrap it under the penis skin by 360 degrees and close the penis skin thereafter. This provides a more symmetrical and smoother thick penis.