Vagina Anatomy

Vajina Anatomisi         The vagina consist of the hairy region above the pubis bone, the mons hill, the large lips, the small lips, an organ at the top called clitoris that is a miniature of penis, and right below this, the urinary hole where the urinary channel opens (mean), the vagina entry below it and the hymen. The external lips (labium majus) is the fleshy section that externally wraps the vagina entry. Internal lips (labium minus) is the structure located inside the external lips. Clitoris is similar to the penis in men and plays in important role in orgasm. There exists a skin on the clitoris similar to the foreskin in men. The hymen is located right below the urinary outlet and at the entry of the vagina.

What is Vagina Esthetics?

        There can be some anomalies in the female sexual organ that are congenital or that later occurred. Such anomalies cause both functional and esthetic complaints in the patients. The correction of such anomalies is called vagina esthetics.

Which doctor for vagina esthetics?

It is the field of urologists and gynecologists who have specialized on this subject. This specialization is known as the field of urogynecology.

Purpose of Vagina Esthetics

In addition to a more beautiful look, one also aims at a more functional sexual intercourse. If urinary incontinence accompanies this, this problem is also solved during the same operation.

Deformities in the Vagina

  • Long and wide skin on the clitoris,

  • Thin or plump external lips,

  • Asymmetrical internal lips or internal lips that are longer than normal,

These represent the most common deformities. Especially long small lips may cause important sexual problems as they prevent the penis from entering the vagina. When the skin over the clitoris is excessive, it negatively impacts the clitoral orgasm in the female. It is not an esthetic look when the large lips and the mons hill are more plump than normal. Loosening or widening of the vagina outlet due to multiple childbirths and age in women cause that organs such as the bladder, large intestines and womb protrude partially or wholly from the vagina. This one of important subjects in vaginal esthetics. The TURCH method surgery, which represents the procedure for placing these organs to their normal locations, has been introduced to the world of medicine by our party.

Surgeries of Vagina Esthetics

Labioplasty (Small Lip Esthetics)

        It is the esthetic surgery on the small lips of the vagina. In addition to bad appearance, congenital asymmetry and lengthiness in the small lips also cause the entry of penis into the vagina. The asymmetry is corrected by surgery. With our technique, a composite shaped section is removed from the long small lips and both lips are balanced. Excessive tissue is removed. Surgical scars are prevented by hidden and special sutures.

Clitoris Surgery

        Clitoris surgery consist of removing the excessive skin tissue over the clitoris, which may cause inflammation and orgasm problems. Sometimes, this tissue covers the clitoris from the sides or above and therefore causes serious sexual function disorders. This excessiveness is removed with surgery.

Labium Majus (Large Lip Esthetics)

        During this surgery, large lips are thinned if they are thick and thickened if they are thin. The excessive fat tissue inside the thick and plump labium majus is removed. It is given an esthetical shape.

Mons Hill Surgery

        For plumpness in the mons hill, excessive fats therein are removed by liposuction or a small incision. It is given a more esthetical shape.

Hymenoplasty Surgery

        There are several procedures called Hymenoplasty, which aim at restructuring the hymen. We don’t perform this surgery due to ethical reasons.

Vagina Tighten-Up Surgery (Vaginoplasty)

        Vagina can become slack during difficult childbirths. This situation causes sexual function disorder in men and women. The reason is the occurrence of ruptures in the rear wall. The ruptured tissue is approximated to each other by an incision of the vagina rear wall.

Vagina Prolapsus Surgery

        The vagina slackens due to multiple childbirths and ageing. And also, the loosening and rupture of slip ties within the abdomen may cause the womb, bladder and intestine to prolapse from the vagina. Surgical techniques have been develop operate this from the abdomen and the vaginal channel. Woman’s vagina and womb are considered as holy grails. Unless necessary, one should avoid vaginal intervention in sexually active woman in terms of sexuality. Vaginal organ prolapsus surgeries that are performed from the abdomen have high success rates in the long-term. During this procedure, the surgeon enters the peritoneum and fixates the prolapsing organs upwards. But this is a traumatic and exhausting operation for the patient. Operation and recuperation periods are long. With our surgical technique that we developed in 2011, which was published in internationally renowned Urogynecology Journals, we don’t enter the peritoneum, don’t cause major traumas for the patient, and shorten an operating time of 3-4 hours down to 1 hour. This surgical technique (TURC Surgery) allows discharging patients in 1 day. This surgical method has been presented to the world as the TURC method. The TURC surgery has been presented in more than 20 congresses, both national and international.

TURC Surgery;

        During TURC surgery, we make a 4-5 incision from the lower abdomen and reach the region of prolapsing organs without cutting the muscles. The bladder, womb and the intestines are fixated to their original positions on a bodily bond above by using a special synthetic mesh. It has a high rate of success. It doesn’t repeat, meaning it requires no further surgery. Organ prolapsus in patients may be accompanied with urinary incontinence. Vagina entrance may also be wide. During the same operation, urinary incontinence can be corrected and also, the vagina entry can be tightened-up and a better environment for the penis is prepared.

Laser in Vagina Esthetics

        Elasticity of the vagina tissue is lost over time due to age and multiple childbirths. Laser application is made in order to tighten-up the vagina. Apparatus that tighten-up the tissue are being developed in order to re-enable tissue elasticity. It is said that the tissues are strengthened by 5-6 session laser application. But for evidence-based medicine, there are is no scientific evidence yet conforming that such treatments are beneficial.